Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old Man Update: Horse Trading with Daddy D

So, the old man has been here 72 hours. Pleasantries exchanged, Wally Moon gifted, a Chicago Whales T-shirt received, we're down to business. We don't know when he's leaving, he doesn't know when he's leaving. In the mean time, we're trading cards.

I dig Roy Sievers. He was the toughest batter Bobby Shantz had to face (per Mr. Shantz himself) and a he had some great lifetime numbers for the Browns, Senators, White Sox, and Phillies, and was ROY in 1949. He also laid some great sigs on these cards I sent him. First, the 1960:
The funny thing is that here he looks like a dude that eats nails for breakfast. In both of these he's about as serious as I've seen a ballplayer look. Pretty bad day, I guess. I mean, compare it to the 1956:
That's happy Mr. Sievers. And now, I know that about half of the 1956 set is in the running for "best card from the 1956 set." This card, however, is definitely in the top 10%. Those are some classic shades he's sporting there in the background, and I love the empty stands behind him as he makes the catch. Which leads us to the question of "What kind of catch is that?" Pretty strange, looks like he's about to break his back.

So, Daddy D gives me this card, but is holding out on a sweet 1959 he brought. We're currently in negotiations.
He also brought a small stack of "look but not for trade cards" he wants up on the blog for various funny reasons and I, as the dutiful son-in-law in want of a 1959 Sievers, will gladly oblige. I'll be getting to these over the next few days, and they are pretty awesome.

Finally, I'll be a little behind on trade posts as a consequence, but let me say to the folks I've traded with recently that y'all are awesome and I can't thank you enough for your generosity! I hope you dig the cards I sent you as much as I dig these, and they'll be up on the blog soon!

Have a great one!


  1. Let me know if you wanna trade one of those Roy auto cards!!!

  2. Roy Sievers is def one of my all time favs... One tough SOB for sure!

  3. '56 Topps is in a class by itself.