Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fare Thee Well Pat Burrell

I wish him the best but let's be honest: a .625 OPS doesn't get it done. To be completely honest, although I know the Rays were after a RH bat, I wanted them to sign a lefty, Adam Dunn. He is younger than Pat and signed for less to play with the Nats. Meanwhile we've been watching Burrell press and not hit for a season plus now.

And let's not forget, in a lost season last year he and CC weren't gonna be hanging out in the off season. Anyway, no hard feelings Pat, but I hope you give a lot of the $16 large the Rays are paying you to whatever church you go to. After getting that money for nothing, giving something to your god beyond your clean living will be a good move. Seriously. Google Pat Burrel on deadspin if you don't know what I mean.


  1. At the time they signed him I didn't think it was that bad of a deal - 25-30 Home Runs from the right side for an average of $9 mill a year didn't seem to be horrible. Especially with the Rays poor record against lefties up to that point.

    It's one of the few bad moves on Andy Friedman & Co. have made in their tenue. I just wonder if Blaylock is going to be able to keep his hitting going.

  2. Pat Burrell was a disappointment most years in Philly.

    Maybe the Rays' GM didn't factor in 2 things before signing Pat the Bat: Burrell played in a bandbox in Philly, and 2008 was his contract year, so he probably expended more effort than normal.