Saturday, May 1, 2010

Icons Break: Box 6 to Rule Them All

To this point things have been fun. I think the Hamels auto in box 1 (congrats arfmax!!) was by far the best pull. A solid group break with some teams doing a lot better than others, as usually happens if you follow the JC breaks. It's been a while since I've bought wax for myself and with the number of group breaks out there I won't be doing so any time soon. Socialist box buying, er group breaks, is the way to go.

And now we have the last box, box 6. Yes, that's 3 patches (one more than the average). Yes, the middle one has some scribbling on it. Yes, this is the no doubt big hit (hence #6 gets its own post).
Markakis auto patch #ed 3/3. Big shout out to Ryan on that one! We also have a Bruce patch, an Oil Can patch, Young jersey, Martis auto, HanRam jersey. 2 autos, 2 jerseys, 3 patches. One box to rule them all indeed! Kick ass!

Videos and my thoughts to come later. For the moment many thanks to SMG for proposing this, and thanks to all of you for participating. Check out the June break!

Here are the first two videos. 

Computer and my video camera aren't talking right now to post the rest of the boxes, but hopefully they'll be on better terms tomorrow.


  1. Wow, the Padres had a lot of hits. I am quite happy with my hit though, so I can't complain.

  2. Hum,

    1 Hit out of 6 boxes with two teams. Well, I guess this wasen't my break.

    Fun stuff anyway.

    Thanks pal.

  3. Yeah 4 nice padres hits. Can't wait to get them

  4. i am beyond pleased with this break! thanks for hosting!

  5. thanks for the break. I'll be in for June too.

  6. Quick Q ... Am I also getting the singles from this, besides the hits. I would like the Yankee singles as well.

  7. @ Sooz: Yep, everybody gets everything from their team, base and hits.

  8. Awesome Markakis auto! I'm really glad I got in on this. Thanks guys! I would've commented before but was having computer problems.