Saturday, May 1, 2010

Icons Break: Boxes 2-5

This is where we hit the horse latitudes.

These are solid boxes but not great. Worth the $52 if I were to buy these for myself as opposed to a box break? You tell me.

Dig the Longo Patch (yeah Rays hit!), Markakis patch (he'll be playing a large part in our drama---just wait), Everth Cabrera auto is nice (although he's on the DL at the moment).

González patch, Lowrie patch, Papelbon jersey, Bobby Parnel auto (yeah auto!; but Bobby Parnell?); another Price #ed RC.

Soto Patch (congrats On Cards Autos!), Guillén jersey (there are you SMG), Greinke patch (another for the SMG), CC jersey (rock on!), Dexter Fowler auto (good pull, looks like it was done by his 2 y.o. kid)

To this point the Dodgers had NOTHING. They changed that dramatically here. Wang patch, Bills jersey, Kershaw patch, Kemp jersey, MacDonald auto. Collation anyone?

But there's one box left you say? Yes there is. Oh yes, there is...

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