Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Randoms for other cards

Sorry this has taken so long. Things are...interesting and stressful around these parts at the moment.

Anyway, Deans wanted me to random the Maples and the Team USA dual among the non-hitting slot breakers to spread things around a bit. First cards go out tomorrow, the last wave on Saturday.

Congrats to Brian (who'll get the dual) and Arfmax (who'll get the Maples). Screenshots are below.




Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group Break Hits: 1, 2, Oh My God

We had 5 boxes, so guaranteed hits. We got 8 so we came out way ahead on the odds. Of the 8 the Ramirez is /25, the Strasburg is /50 (right?), one of the Macfarlands is /500, the Maples is /199, and the Delmonico/Wolters is /500. The Braun orange is also /25. Vids are in the process of being uploaded.


Slot results: Get Ready

OK, I won't ruin the surprise for you, but skip down and pay close attention to slot #18 (especially in round d), owned by Dean who took the Giants. I'm sure several of you have been thinking "What's will CCC on this one?" Well, now you know. I'll be getting the vids up tonight (finally) but in the meantime here we go.

Dean and I are talking about how this is going to go down, but one thing is certain: he will NOT be walking with all three of those autos (he also had slot #12). He's a magnanimous guy and asked me to let him sleep on a decision regarding what he'll do and he sent me several scenarios, all of which will spread the wealth around.

A) Round
1) John Hochstatter USA
2) AJ Vanegas USA auto
3) Trayce Thompson
4) Dillon Maples USA
5) Bobby Abreu Angels
6) Brady Shoemaker
7) Alexei Ramirez--refractor
8) Mat Carson Refractor
9) Francisco Lindor USA
10 ) Jose Altuve
11) Kendry Morales
12) Torii Hunter ---refractor
13) Blake Swihart USA
14) Trevor Reckling
15) Kendry Morales
16) Christian Lopes
17) Stephen Parker
18) Dillon Maples USA---auto refractor /199
19) Josh Hochstatter USA

b) Round
1) Miguel Montero--refractor
2) jimmy paredes
3) brandon short
4) andrew bailey
5) Dillon Maples
6) Ian Desmond
7) Phillip Pfeifer III USA
8) Carlos Quentin
9) Abreu--Angels
10) Henry Owens USA
11) Rajai Davis
12) Mark Reynolds
13) Michael Born
14) Nicky Delmonico---USA
15) John Simms
16) brandon short
17) edwin jackson
18) jimmy paredes
19) michael lorenzen USA

c) Round
1) Daniel Camarena USA
2) John Hochstatter---USA
3) stephen drew refractor
4) dillon maples USA
5) brandon short
6) rajai davis
7) christian lopes---usa
8) jimmy paredes
9) blake swihart
10) abreu
11) miguel montero
12) nicky Delmonico/tony wolters dual auto /500
13) andrew bailey
14) Dillon Maples
15) jd Martinez
16) trayce thompson
17) mat carson
18) stasburg gold chrome refractor auto
19) stephen parker

round d)
1 ) john hochstatter
2) jose altuve
3) jimmy paredes
4) brandon short
5) strasburg
6) josh Donaldson---refractor
7) francisco lindor
8) trevor reckling
9) phillip pfeifer III

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Group Break Results Tomorrow

If it's not one thing it's another. Guess that's life.

On the other hand the wait will be worth it. I can promise you that.


Just click and read. It's November so April Fool's isn't a possibility.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random List for 2010 Bow-Chrome Break

Here is what we started with. I put how folks got the slot by their name. For example, Ryan has two teams (O's and Rockies) so he got a 'free' slot for the O's. Antonio picked up the Red Sox and purchased and extra slot, so he's got 2, etc.

Getting the cards up soon!

Antonio-Red Sox

Update: edited on 11.8 to include an extra name

Original List


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oct/Nov Group Break: Back in Black: Bowman Chrome

Here is the deal: we're doing 5 boxes of 2010 Bowman Chrome.

Teams listed as "Open" are cleared for takeoff. Leave a comment to claim your team and drop me the Paypal to crawfordcards(at)gmail.com.

 To keep things simple we'll be using Joe Collector's pricing structure, found here (thanks JC!).

(6)Any team newer than 1980 including the Nationals are in Tier 3 $15

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $18

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $21.75

This reflects an extra $1.25 per team to cover the $25 overrun on the boxes.

New Payment deadline is October 9. After that teams are opening up!!

Orioles 1901 (Ryan---paid
Boston Red Sox 1901 (paid
New York Yankees 1901 (Nick---paid
Chicago White Sox 1901 (Open
Cleveland Indians 1901 (Dan---paid
Detroit Tigers 1901 (SMG---paid
Minnesota Twins 1901 (Nick--paid
Oakland Athletics 1901 (Open
Atlanta Braves 1871 (Aaron & Dennis---paid
Philadelphia Phillies 1883 (ArfMax--paid
Chicago Cubs 1870 (Community Gum---paid
Cincinnati Reds 1890 (Dean---paid
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882 (Paid
St. Louis Cardinals 1882 (Ike & Tony---paid
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890 (Dean---paid
San Francisco Giants 1883 (Paid
Tampa Bay Rays 1998 (CarlCrawfordCards ~ Paid)
Toronto Blue Jays 1977 (D. Amos---paid
Kansas City Royals 1969 (Nick--paid
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961 (Open
Seattle Mariners 1977 (Rod---paid
Texas Rangers 1961 (Brian---paid
Florida Marlins 1993 (Chuck/HamRam----paid
New York Mets 1962 (BA Benny---paid
Washington Nationals/Expos 1969 (Open
Houston Astros 1962 (Open
Milwaukee Brewers 1969 (Ed--paid
Arizona Diamondbacks 1998 (Open
Colorado Rockies 1993 (Ryan----paid
San Diego Padres 1969 (Rod---paid