Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slot results: Get Ready

OK, I won't ruin the surprise for you, but skip down and pay close attention to slot #18 (especially in round d), owned by Dean who took the Giants. I'm sure several of you have been thinking "What's will CCC on this one?" Well, now you know. I'll be getting the vids up tonight (finally) but in the meantime here we go.

Dean and I are talking about how this is going to go down, but one thing is certain: he will NOT be walking with all three of those autos (he also had slot #12). He's a magnanimous guy and asked me to let him sleep on a decision regarding what he'll do and he sent me several scenarios, all of which will spread the wealth around.

A) Round
1) John Hochstatter USA
2) AJ Vanegas USA auto
3) Trayce Thompson
4) Dillon Maples USA
5) Bobby Abreu Angels
6) Brady Shoemaker
7) Alexei Ramirez--refractor
8) Mat Carson Refractor
9) Francisco Lindor USA
10 ) Jose Altuve
11) Kendry Morales
12) Torii Hunter ---refractor
13) Blake Swihart USA
14) Trevor Reckling
15) Kendry Morales
16) Christian Lopes
17) Stephen Parker
18) Dillon Maples USA---auto refractor /199
19) Josh Hochstatter USA

b) Round
1) Miguel Montero--refractor
2) jimmy paredes
3) brandon short
4) andrew bailey
5) Dillon Maples
6) Ian Desmond
7) Phillip Pfeifer III USA
8) Carlos Quentin
9) Abreu--Angels
10) Henry Owens USA
11) Rajai Davis
12) Mark Reynolds
13) Michael Born
14) Nicky Delmonico---USA
15) John Simms
16) brandon short
17) edwin jackson
18) jimmy paredes
19) michael lorenzen USA

c) Round
1) Daniel Camarena USA
2) John Hochstatter---USA
3) stephen drew refractor
4) dillon maples USA
5) brandon short
6) rajai davis
7) christian lopes---usa
8) jimmy paredes
9) blake swihart
10) abreu
11) miguel montero
12) nicky Delmonico/tony wolters dual auto /500
13) andrew bailey
14) Dillon Maples
15) jd Martinez
16) trayce thompson
17) mat carson
18) stasburg gold chrome refractor auto
19) stephen parker

round d)
1 ) john hochstatter
2) jose altuve
3) jimmy paredes
4) brandon short
5) strasburg
6) josh Donaldson---refractor
7) francisco lindor
8) trevor reckling
9) phillip pfeifer III


  1. BTW, Round 4 got cut off, it only goes to 9


  2. Hey, its the luck of the draw, right? Totally random, so I say give them to him!

  3. @ Arfmax: cards ran out 9 deep into round 4.

    @ Dan: It was Dean's suggestion, he wants to spread things around. I hope to hear from him today and random the other two cards off ASAP!