Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When cards were cards: Birdie Tebbetts

Been way too focused on ttms lately and want to get back to appreciating other kinds of cardboard. Cards like this 1952 Bowman Birdie Tebbetts (SABR bio here).
We've got two kinds of writing here: the Bowman "Birdie Tebbetts" facsimile signature and the note that Tebbetts went on to become manager of the Cincinnati Reds. The latter is written lightly in pencil, then traced over in pen. It kind of foreshadows the 1970's Topps Traded cards and recalls a time when cards were for keeping track of players and their stats. Guy changes teams and/or positions? Just add it to the card. What's curious (to me, anyway) is that there is no position listed on the front of the 1952 Bowmans, but this kid added it on between 1954 and 1958 (the years he managed the Reds). Kinda cool when you think about it. I mean, when was the last time you wrote on a card? Sometimes I think we could use a lot more of this in the hobby and our lives in general.

Trivia: Tebbetts was even on the cover of Time in 1957.

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are! 

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