Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now filling wantlists

At a yard sale yesterday I hit one of those "everything must go"-type bb card collection sales. Most everything is from 95-present, but among other cards I've found are a 84 Mattingly RC and a Donzell McDonald RC (he's Darnell's brother, and I watched him play in Mexico).

At any rate, at first gloss I know I have a ton of '87, '88, '89, and '92 Topps. There's a also a lot of 2002 Heritage and 1999 Bowman.

Beyond that there's mid-90s UD, a ton of Bowman Heritage, and other stuff I'll get to when I can.

At any rate, get your lists out. This promises to be random, but if you cover shipping I'll trade you/sell you what you need for cheap!


  1. Any 2007 Bowman Heritage there? I'm working on this set. I have the lists of what I need on my site.

  2. I'll check. For BH so far I have a ton of 2002 and 2003. I'll probably go back and will check specifically for that.

  3. Hey, I'd be interested in any Mets Bowman Heritage you've got. I also need # 213, 488, 704 from 1987 Topps. Also, let me know if you have any 2002 Topps Gallery.

  4. I need 95 and 96 and 97 upper deck dodgers. Also any cards showing the dp turn st second. Let me know! Thanks.