Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calling the Captain: Cards from Our Canadian Friends

In case you've never been up in this neck of the woods (odds are you haven't) Canadians are very important to the economy of the northern plains. Businesses court Canadian customers, tour buses bring them in on the weekends, and signs saying "Welcome Canadian Friends" are everywhere. To my knowledge there are no towns on the southern border of the US rolling out the red carpet for our "Latin American Friends" but rather a mad rush to fence people out. 

These cards come from the Captain over at Waxaholic. And before anyone asks, yes, I enjoy filling out the customs forms when trading cardboards with the man up north. There's just something subversive about sending baseball cards abroad in an age where xenophobia is rampant and most U.S. citizens couldn't locate their own state on a map of the US, much less find Canada. Well, here's what I got in the latest:
This is the 3rd (Third!!!!) 3-D Vida Blue I've gotten, and the first in a Giants uni. A licensed card brought to you by Kellogg's! Clearly this was produced in the golden age of childhood cereal consumption. That makes two 3-D Blues from the Captain and one from Daddy D. I guess the ball's in your court old man, let's see what else you've got!

Then this:
Orange and numbered Bowman CC. Very, very cool!

Thanks again Captain!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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