Monday, March 29, 2010

Juan from the Midwest from Ike's Cards

First up: remember the group break! Mass email with payment info going out Wednesday.

I'm finally back in action. Kinda. Until compa gets back tomorrow night, with Daddy D arriving shortly thereafter, and then I'm leaving the country on Friday. No causality there folks, I swear.

First people I owe a trade post to: Ike's cards. This turned out to be one of those trades that was A LOT more than I had bargained for, which spurred me to make another trade that also went WAY better than I'd expected that I'll get to tomorrow. This was the initial lead:
Juan Marichal is officially team Captain of my Chingones fantasy baseball teams.On the one hand, he's a HOF pitcher who had an amazing career. Everyone knows the rest of the story. You just don't mess with this guy.

Then Ike's cards said they had a Rocco jersey, and was I interested. Sure.
What could have been, right? Great player derailed by illness. He can still hit, and I hope he catches on as a DH somewhere. 

And then this is just a smattering of the TON of Rays they threw in:
CC gold of one of my favorite cards and two Gomes I've been secretly coveting. And riddle me this: why does the Longoria Goudey have Jeter's pic but clearly state, "Ken Griffey says..."? Were the proofreaders at UD first to go?

Thanks again for the awesome trade!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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