Thursday, March 18, 2010

CC from the Brearded One

First, make sure to check out the group break. If your team isn't taken sign up!

With all the box breaking madness I haven't posted this CC courtesy of Beardy
This is another one that the scan doesn't do justice. It's actually a foiley, shiny, refractor type card, and looks great. Now I've gotta find the base version. I love the pre-game during the anthem shot. The national anthem is a part of the game a lot of folks (me included) take for granted. It's tradition, like beer and hot dogs, but shouldn't be a part of the wallpaper. This card really captures a great moment that goes unnoticed all too often.

Thanks again, Beardy!


  1. That is a sweet card, even in the scan.... add it to my want list!

  2. I really enjoyed that particular Gallery base set, perhaps more than any other Gallery year. The problem is that the cards are much harder to come by than other years of Gallery.