Sunday, March 21, 2010

How much would you pay for a reprint?

Check out this guy's auctions. He routinely breaks three figures for cards he clearly states are "REPRINTS." Shoot, given that they are repros who pays more than a few bucks, much less what these are currently selling for. I understand the appeal of a reprint of a card you'll never own, but who buys a repro Aaron RC for $46, much less the $100+ this card will close for?


  1. But it is interesting, all his ads say the cards themselves do not say reprint. If the pictures of the cards he is selling are what you get. THE CARDS DON'T SAY REPRINT ON THEM, THEY LOOK SOMEWHAT WORN AND REAL. Something very strange is going on with these auctions. Either the pictures are not what you get or somebody created cards that very much look like the original.

    I wonder if the card stock is the same.

  2. Yeah I agree. This is really suspicious. Either customers are failing to understand what they are getting, or they think the seller is confused.

    Like John mentioned, the cards shown look worn. It's possible people are also buying these and trying to resell them as real to unsuspecting people.

    At any rate the buyers and sellers seem to be up to no good imo.