Monday, August 24, 2009

Catching Up:Contests, Things I Don't Get, and Thanks to 1980 Topps Baseball

OK, so first of all don't forget the two great contests going on right now.

1st, the Ginter Giveaway at Card Cache.

2nd, the HOF giveaway at Collective Troll. While you're there check out Troll's latest post on the mad props he's gotten for his work. Very well done, sir!

Next, two things I don't get:
1) Why in the name of all that is holy is Jonny Gomes not an everyday player in the Reds OF? His OPS is .925, his OPS+ is 136. He's a legit power threat in a lineup that could really use another big gun. So why on earth isn't he etched in stone in the lineup?

2) Why aren't CC and Zobrist getting national coverage for MVP, and Niemann for ROY?

Finally, sending out good vibes, I recently received two incredible packages from some folks in the blogosphere. With school kicking off in less than 24 hours, the compa and I have been in the weeds for the past two weeks (hence the slackness in posts, and these belated thank yous). The compa has a moral obligation to thank Troll for the incredible package he sent her (long story which I'm sure she'll explain) and she has promised me that's coming soon! Apologies, Troll, she really digs the cards.

I got two unexpected cards from the folks at 1980 Topps Baseball. Let me say that it's incredibly humbling that anyone would think enough of me to pick up some 1986 Topps needs for me at a show. Dean Family, I cannot thank you enough and am in your debt! With these two cards, I'm now 1 away!

First up: Dave Rozema. Did you know he's Kirk Gibson's brother-in-law?
He might be most famous for plunking a couple of Twins in 1982, which spawning a bench-clearing brawl, during which Rozema tried some sort karate kick that not only derailed his season, but also failed to connect with its target, John Castino. Apparently, he was a "colorful" player and a pretty good sport at that, as his home town minor league team sponsor a Rozema karate kick bobblehead night. I love how in this card he's leaning back a bit, like he's getting ready to throw a kick at someone. Nice touch!

I also received Lance Parrish.
Lance Parrish looks like catchers have and should have looked since the beginning of time. Bat over his shoulder, yeoman-like mouth half open as if to say, "What are you looking at?" I know Topps is about to break out a new T206 retro set, and let me just say that THIS is the prototypical shot they should use. It's absolutely timeless.

Many thanks again, Deans!


  1. CC injured??? Did you see he was taken out of the lineup against the Jays tonight?

  2. jonny gomes is an everyday player for sure. the rays never let him play every day either, i don't get it. he has always put up home run totals that look like he's playing everyday though... i think his at bat to home ratio this year would give him 45+ over 500 at bats, i think that number works over his career, too. the reds are a last place team, at least they could give their fans a slugger to get excited about. carl crawford and jason bartlett are both legit MVP candidates. bartlett leads the league in batting with runners in scoring postion, that spells mvp to me. jeff niemann is roy hands down. i chased the 86 set back in 86, its a long journey, congrats on being down to one. cheers!

  3. Says it's "back tightness." I have my fingers crossed!

  4. My bad, Troll, I can't believe I forgot Bartlett! Another guy coming up HUGE this season for the Rays. And yet the MSM....?