Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank You's: Topps Attax Edition

Once again, overdue thanks to some folks.

First up, Topps Attax Carl Crawford from over at Stats on the Back.
CC arrived amongst a stack of other Rays, but since this is the first Attax card I've seen in person, it's almost automatically the most interesting. It's pretty to strange to think this actually marks a return to original Topps, the 1950 and 1951 cards. Everyone immediately thinks of the iconic 1952 set, but they aren't the originals, so to speak. Is anyone going after this set? Or better yet, is anyone (or their kids) playing the game?

Next up, a few select cards from a MASSIVE trade from a reader, Jim. I sent him all my 2006 Heritage SPs in exchange for an insanely generous helping of needs from my 1973 set needs list. Now, once again, I'm trying my best to hold off on wading into this set full scale, but check these cardboards out. First off, former Braves announcer and HOFer Don Sutton.
Now, most cards with spring training shots try to hide the fact they are spring training shots. Check out the palm trees! This card absolutely rejoices in its spring trainingness. It is awesome.
And here's a rather dour looking Carlton Fisk, also at spring training. But Carlton, what's with the helmet? Shouldn't you also have some catching gear or a bat or something? Oh...I see...never mind.
And finally, Steve Carlton. This card has almost everything I love about the 1973 set. Carton is awkwardly post-game, hold his glove in his left hand and shaking hands with the catcher. Both Tim McCarver and John Bateman wore #6 in 1972, so who knows who the catcher is? Seriously, does anyone? We have the fuzzy stands in the back, a shadowy, umpire-like figure behind the players, and this great miniature drama unfolding between pitcher and catcher. Amazing, simply amazing. And what's better, it's nowhere NEAR my favorite from the '73. Man, it's that good.

Thanks again, gents!

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