Friday, September 4, 2009

Sketch Cards from Project 1962

So, a week or so ago I won a contest over at Project 1962. The prize? A custom sketch card by Addison. I'm not one to step on anyone's creative flow, so I sent multiple cards to let the young artist choose which one best fit her artistic vision. This is what she sent!

Now, all three of these are great cards. The top one might be my favorite. In fact, I hadn't noticed the the cool confidence in Carl's expression until Addison put a wry smile on his face on the sketch card. As they say, art is truer to life and all that.

The second one does some really interesting things to project a sense of movement as Carl comes out of the batter's box. I particularly like the use of the fingerprint to create what Dinged Corners refers to as "dirt smoke."

Finally, on the third card she put the numbers in the wall and added the baseball. I see the increased size of the baseball as a metaphor for how important the catch is, as well as how difficult making it is going to be. A very nice touch.

Oh, and like all sketch cards, these are artist-signed and hand-numbered.
Thanks again Chris and Addison! These are really awesome!!

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