Monday, July 19, 2010

Fake or UD error: You Decide

Unless the Rays went through some sort of "pinstripe" period of which I'm unaware, is this card fake or a UD error? I'm leaning toward error because no one would fake a simple jersey card and the guy only wants a few bucks for it. Either way it's a pretty ridiculous FAIL.


  1. Everyones knows he'll be a Yankee by August...why not just print the game used pinstripes now?

    Hopefully, I am only joking..

  2. Might be an odd throwback or alternate jersey. The Braves have a few pinstripe jersey relics out there just like that from a game where they wore Atlanta Black Crackers Negro League unis. The only way I could confirm this was through a few base cards put out that year with the same pinstripey uni. This is a good thing because the thought if Greg Maddux in pinstripes would have given me a heart attack in the early '00s.

  3. I've heard/seen a few times where card companies use jerseys from when the player was in the Minor Leagues, or on the USA team and whatnot. Maybe that might be it?

  4. Roy, don't joke like that. It hurts...
    Paul, you are sooo much more observant than I am. I have one of those pinstripe relics and I never questioned it. I have seen plain white and striped versions. I thought the striped one looked better, so that is what I spent my 3 bucks on... Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. What about those blue lines next to the buttons and on the sleeve? I still don't have one of the new (well... not that new anymore) jerseys and I've never seen one up close. Are those lines like a pinstripe, or are they raised from the rest of the jersey?
    I know those St. Pete Pelicans throwback jerseys we wore once had pinstripes, but I think they might have been red.

    A couple stripes...could it be the pants or the front of the jersey?