Monday, June 28, 2010

Wicked Ortega Part 1: The Andrew Miller Post

Wicked and I have been talking trade for months. This card, that card, those cards, you know how it goes. Then school ended and I was shipping out for various purposes. Right before I left he emailed me: "Is x still your address?"

When I got home there was one of those massive packages he's famous for. 
Now that Mario at Wax Heaven has signed off I guess there aren't too many Miller collectors out here in the blogo-whatever. I pick up his cards when I can but, like a lot of CCs at the moment, prices have exceeded my means. At the moment his cards are a lot more affordable, but that's because he's in the minors, and struggling at that

I think Miller can bounce back, not so much because of his talent (he IS really good) but because he is young and pretty goofy. When I was a teaching assistant at UNC he was in one of my classes when he was a freshman. Despite the fact he had been drafted out of high school and offered a good bit of money, he'd gone to college. However, if you had thought he was just another freshman you would have been right. In fact, I didn't even know he was THAT Andrew Miller until I read a Peter Gammons article on his legendary stint in the Cape Cod League and recognized the photo. He didn't put on airs or beg off work because he already knew he was virtually guaranteed a million dollar payday his junior year, he attended class and worked like everyone else. In short, he struck me as a humble guy with his head on straight whose pretty laid back, just the kind of makeup you need to rebound from the place he's at now. Andrew, I'm pulling for you!

So I was pretty stoked Wicked sent up an in-person Miller auto on a card with him in a UNC uni, as well as a jersey card, not to mention about 20 other additions to my Miller collection. Very cool stuff Wicked, many thanks, and I'm getting something together for you now!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Great story Paul! Trying to imagine a bonus baby going to class, its a great visual. Wondering what kind of grade you gave him... Nice cards!

  2. your welcome homie.... That's what where here for, to look out for one another....