Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ebay Shenanigans: Ladies and Gents, It's a Draw

First, keep your eyes peeled for the BIG announcement tomorrow. There will be contests and prizes, and much coolness.

As for the ebay saga: I heard nothing from the buyer for three days. Not the promised pictures, not another message, nothing. But then when I woke up this morning there was a "buyer protection claim" filed against me. So I said, "F#$@ that," escalated the thing to customer service and went to work. The advertised response time was 72 hours, but this thing was solved in 4, specifically via an email that stated 1) ebay granted the buyer a FULL refund 2) ebay said NO ONE was at fault and 3) ebay said I did not have to reimburse the ebay or the buyer.

Of course, the buyer left negative feedback the moment I escalated it, but whatever. I'm glad I'll get no more messages like this:

hi i messaged you last week and i know ypu said i paid on the 7th and that this was shipped but now its the 21st and i still havent recieved the item ,?? its been two solid weeks ,you have to be kidding me.That is just ridiculous .

Again, I feel the frustration, but you've got to be kidding ME. The package was shipped the 11th, at that point it was the final day of the ebay-estimated delivery window, and the tracking number says it was misrouted. Wtf can I do once I've shipped it?!

Anyway, the resolution isn't terribly intellectually satisfying, but there it is none the less. I'm grateful it was resolved (and fairly with regard to yours truly, that's a win!), but on the other side of the coin this is rewarding bad behavior. I mean, what is that?

Ebay shenanigans at their finest.


  1. too often buyers suck. i wish ebay still allowed me to leave negative feedback for buyers.

    1. Apparently I can't respond under my feedback or leave this person negative feedback. WTF?!

  2. Bummer that you did everything the right way and are still left with a negative feedback. Is it possible for eBay to remove it since they found nobody at fault? I'm sure that your package will one day arrive on this guy's doorstep. I've had packages show up months later and have heard of packages showing up years later.

    1. I've already reported it, since it was retaliation for my having escalated the claim. Worst part is, the person DOES have the item. She claims it is damaged and demanded a refund, but refused to send proof of said damage. The whole affair was pretty "through the looking glass," particularly because I'M the one with negative feedback now!