Sunday, October 18, 2009

R.C. Stephens, Pro-softball, and the Future of Carlos Peña

Daddy D is into weird sports stuff. And by weird I mean, "has competed and done well in big money wiffleball tournaments" weird. Anyway, he trotted out this 1959 R.C. Stevens because Stephens is a softball legend on the diamonds of Iowa.
Now, that's pretty cool. I guess he just really dug the game and decided to keep on lacing them up well after his pro-baseball career was over. It's one of those touches that, as a fan, makes you feel good, if only because it's nice to hear that the players love to play the game as much as us lesser talented folks like to watch it.

Later on, while Daddy D was going through the compa's Carlos Peña collection, he found this:
Were these cards separated at birth? More importantly, will Peña start mashing in the cornfields of Iowa when his career goes on the downswing? Pretty creepy: Carlos Peña will be the left-handed R.C. Stevens.

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