Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trading Post: Many Thanks to Wax Pack Relapse

I came across Wax Pack Relapse while surfing Troll's Blog one day. Dude's pretty organized with what he has to trade, and I had my eye on some cards in his extensive spreadsheets when he mentioned he had a few David Prices he could send my way. In fact, 8 total. I'm planning a post on my Price cards in the near future, but if there's one thing that's certain it's that Prices on the 'bay command value based more on hype than performance. I know, he's a big prospect, but means folks that just want to collect his cards get priced out of the market pretty quick.

Long story short, it was AWESOME to get these in the mail:
I'm really digging these. I like the photo in general (BIG comeback year for Topps in that category) and will also cop to preferring the old school paper stock of the Target Exclusive on the left. Just something for the old schooler in me.

Then: Price as a collectible postage stamp:
Nice card, captures his intimidating mound presence. It's also pretty weird, given the United Peoples of Baseball-type feel to it. Almost like I could use it in lieu of international postage or something.

And these:
The card on the left is just plain goofy. He's waiting on a throw back to the mound, I get it, but it's the only card I can think of that depicts the pitcher waiting on a throw. Wild stuff.

But that's not all he sent. I also scored this Delmon Young:
That's another really great shot. You have the OF wall, the foul line, lots of color, the drama of the pick-off move...just a really well-put together picture. Moreover the design of the 2008 Stadium Club gives the photography plenty of room to just be itself. Nice card.

And then, this gem of The Legend, Jonny Gomes:
Being a Gomes fan, this card represents a lot of what I really dig about him. Dude is listed at 6'1'', 225 lbs., but he's one of those guys who, when you see him in person, has a looming presence. He's massive. That's only increased by the fact he seems to prefer outsizes jerseys, as seen in this photo. The crop makes him seem even bigger and again, the design stays out of the ways and cedes ground to the great photo. And he plays all-out, all the time. Jonny Gomes: Elmer Valo for the new millennium.

Finally, Kevin Slowey.
Slowey was the winning pitcher in the game the compa and I went to for our anniversary this year, he laid a great sig (with anniversary wishes!) on a card for us at the Twins auto day, and he went to the same school as my Moms, Winthrop College in Rock Hill, SC. He's also a heck of a pitcher whose year this year was sidelined by injury. Next year with Slowey back healthy the Twins should be that much better!

Thanks for the cards Wax Pack Relapse!

Have a great one everybody, and good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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