Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CC HIghlights: 2007 Turkey Red

This is one of my favorite CCs, a shot of him diving to his left after a line drive. I got this card a while back (apologies if it was from a fellow blogger whose name I've forgotten; at 33 my memory comes and goes) and will admit it's one that has grown on me over time. CC's a HELL of a defensive player, but generally only gets credit for SBs or ripped for not having more power. As if tipping their collective hats to CC's offensive numbers, most cards showcase him running or batting, so these are a rarity.

In general I dig the Turkey Red. However, the portraits get repetitive after a while, which makes this card more exceptional for the set and how its player is usually portrayed. The colors of the OF wall behind him add to the overall feel, and the ad really fits the throwback field of the card and the Turkey set. The "Lines" can only be "Airlines," right? And that ties in with CC's flying throw the air after the ball, about to catch it but not quite yet. A moment, suspended indefinitely.

If you follow CC the back is a little old:
The scholarships he turned down, the SBs and triples, nothing about the GG defense on the front of the card. You've heard that stuff before, but overall this is an awesome card because of the amazing action shot on the front.

Have a good one everybody and have a good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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