Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Bargain Box Lovin': Late 60s Willie Mays Insert

I'm in Iowa now, back to the scene of my best bargain box crimes hoping to stock up for trades.

I can't remember who recently posted on these, but if I remember correctly Matt over at the #5 Baseball Card Type Collection had left a comment saying he had the complete set, and now and again would throw down nine innings with other folks at local shows. That, people, is pretty awesome.

Well, I got this over Thanksgiving down here in Iowa, at another shop down there, the same one where I scored the '64 Oliva for compa. I'm going back today and plan on RAIDING that place for some serious trade bait.

This is my first card of one of the guys in the greatest player ever debate, Willie Mays. Can't even afford the off-grade stuff, so when I saw this in the Bargain Box it went in the pile. It drives me nuts that the closest shop where I can get decently prices relics is 1 hour away, and that the shop where I got this beaut is 10 hours away, but I digress. How much was it? In a 2/$1 box that offers a steeper discount of 5/$2, so this late-60s Willie Mays cost me 40 cents. Sure, it ain't mint, but I'l take it.

As for the card, my first question is, if Mays was a HR, what was Aaron? Overall, and has been noted elsewhere, this insert set might be the first "Heritage set" insofar as it resembles the '51 Topps game cards. Both this card and the '51s are about 1/2 the size of the over-sized early 50s Topps cards, and 3/4 or so size of the current standard BB card size. I know, the '51 is generally considered dogmeat next to the '52 and anything else from the '50s, but it's still a nice set and generally A LOT more affordable. Ditto for this game card. I know the others from the late-60s are more desirable, but this fits in my budget, especially at 40 cents.

So here we've got a portrait of Mays, we've got the signature, the HR in bold block letters. It's not the 52 Topps or '52 Bowman, but I'll take it.

I also need to shout out to Daddy D for having footed the bill for my cards at that shop as an early Christmas present. If I had known that was the plan you bet your a@@ I would have pulled the trigger on the '60 Bob Gibson I was eyeing. Thanks again, Daddy D, have a good one everybody and a good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. You bargain bin people make me sick!!! Kidding, but I am jealous! Have fun stocking up...

  2. .40 cents! Can't go wrong with a Mays at that price. Doesn't look to be in terrible shape, really.

  3. Green now lives in El Cerrito, California, where he grew up and went to high school. He is the brother of Cornell Green, long-time safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

  4. By the way i have three of those cards there... great looking card!!

  5. Nice find! It doesn't hurt that it's a great photo of Mays.

    For the record, Aaron's game card is a "single." (Hey what now?)

  6. Aaron is a single?!? Are you serious? Wow. Gotta check that one out.