Monday, January 11, 2010

Cards I'll Acquire Update: Thanks to Cardshop and Barrell

With the New Year I posted this, 7 cards on my "must get" list for 2010. Thanks to Daniel over at It's Like Having My Own Cardshop and Ed over at Roll Out the Barrel I'm down to 5. Words fail to say how much a@@ these cards kick. I've posted about Elliot and these cards more than once, and I'm really stoked to have these in my possession.

First, the EJ auto from Cardshop. We were already working on a trade for some Topps Co-signers Ed had posted for trade, so that conversation segued into including a copy of the Johnson Daniel picked up at his local. Thanks!

Next, the base from the Barrel. Apparently there are not only multiple versions of this card, but there's also a version that has Elliot taking infield practice, a card Ed included among a bunch of other awesome Rays. Personally, I don't think this card can possibly be topped.

Many thanks to both of you! You really got my year off to a great start.

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