Friday, January 29, 2010

Ebay Dilemma

Quick question:

You get a solid deal on 'bay ($2, s/h included) and then the card arrives in a pwe with a few massive creases.

I'm figuring on just writing it off because getting into an email tiff with the seller over $2 will be more time than it's worth and sending it back will cost me at least $1. Do I even leave bad feedback for the guy?


  1. I'd at least let him know that a PWE is a real shitty way to send something if you don't want it to get bent, esspecialy if it's a thin piece of cardboard. I'd leave it at that and chalk it up as a $2 story to tell.

  2. Hmmm...I'd contact him because I wouldn't want him thinking his cheap pwe is appropriate. If he gave me a refund I'd leave no feedback. If he ignored me or acted like a jerk I'd leave negative feedback.

    It is a hassle for two bucks but he shouldn't get away with that BS. He's counting on people letting it go.

    If he doesn't immediately refund you and tell u to keep the card, he is a fool. Negative feedback over $2 will cost him a ton of lost sales when they read about pwe and creases.

  3. Depends on how rare the card is. If it's a common, let it slide, neutral feedback. If it's a tougher card to find, grill 'em.

  4. Did he give you feedback yet for paying promptly? I usually only leave feedback for sellers if they leave it first.

    If he did, I just leave feedback saying thanks, but also state that he ships in a PWE so other collectors know that he is a crappy shipper. And then give him zero stars for shipping

  5. Thanks for all the advice. I dropped him a line stating what was up and asking him how he wants to sort things out.

    For the record it's a CC jersey card, so I'm pretty bummed about it.