Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to crack a PSA case with a drill: the video

OK---first, to the broader blogging community, you folks kick butt!! Many thanks to your responses to the Cards I will Acquire Post.

Second, Cy Seymour has arrived over at Condition: Poor. Check it out!

I've left comments on other's blog on how to do this, and like I say in the vid, I don't want people screwing up great cards on my advice. I've only done this with low value cards, so my hands weren't shaking or anything. As a disclaimer, I read books for a living, so do this at your own risk! (LOL) I stole the PSA image from Fielder's Choice. In the video I crack a UD Pedro RC from 1991, destroying it's value. A slabbed PSA 9 is worth about $1000 Beckett (just guessing) where the unslabbed raw card will net about 50 cents or so.

Here's the Youtube link. (My God I've gained a few since Thanksgiving. Time to hit the gym)

Now, in the video I go in from the bottom left corner. Thinking about it, you're better off probably going from one of the top corners where the PSA labeling is. That way there's even less a chance you'll damage the card.

Have a great one and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Ha ha. That's a great video! Nice job. I know if I tried that it would not go so smoothly.

    I have a 1989 Donruss Gary Sheffield rookie slabbed. I got it free from an Ebay seller at some point. It does seem really weird that someone paid to have it graded.

    I have pried open some of the other sealed card cases from manufacturers, but those are easy. I figure I want the shiny three dollar card in my binders with the others, where I can see it, instead of stored away in a box where I'll never enjoy it. I guess that's the logic behind prying open the PSA cards too.

  2. You make it look way too easy. Thanks for the advice.

    Plus, I love your Whales shirt! I've never seen one of those before.