Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catchers Finding Jesus: Jerry Narron

Not quite as classic as the Bob Rodgers, but another convert nonetheless. Jerry Narron hears the celestial choirs, he's going down the aisle, we have another believer in the ranks of the saved tonight.

As an aside, I noticed someone "unfollowed" the blog after the Bob Rodgers post, so I figured I'd just get this out there. The CCC series "Catchers Finding Jesus" is definitely a tongue in cheek look at spirituality and catching. It's not a knock on spirituality, religion, or Christianity. It's a look at some great cards. For the record I grew up in one of the more repressive/oppressive Protestant denominations imaginable and yet have managed to cobble together some semblance of a fulfilling spiritual life, which has taken years to accomplish. As often as players pray to do things like catch fly balls (see Sunday, Billy) or credit a high power for their success (see most any post-game interview), I think that catchers finding Jesus happens a lot more than Topps photographers or this blog will ever capture. Just my two cents.

Have a great weekend! (And yep, I was working on this post and it got published out of turn by accident. D'oh! Ken MacKenzie will NEVER get his day in the sun)


  1. I'm offended that only catchers are finding Jesus. What about the other positions?

    I've got my finger hovering over the unfollow button as we speak...don't make me do it.

  2. I, for one, welcome more catchers seeking skyward assists.

    If you do other positions, might as well start with Fernando! (

  3. @FOC: For some reason catchers seem to find Jesus at a faster clip than other positions. I've got my eyes out, though, and Matthew brings up Fernando V., who'll have to be in here at some point.

    @ Matthew: That pic of Fernando is classic! Gotta work that one in.

  4. Yeah I guess they have a tough time finding action shots of catchers in the field. If it isn't a play at the plate (rare) it's a pop up. Or a throwing shot (which is tough to make look cool).

    As far as other players looking up, one thing that consistently cracks me up is when a batter hits a pop up in the infield and the goofball pitcher immediately points up in the air.

    To me that is the height of silly. I mean, he is surrounded by people who make their living spying pop ups and yet here is a pitcher who isn't all that great at catching pop ups, pointing straight up to alert experts.

    I wonder if there are any cards of a pitcher pointing up. I keep picturing Joba Chamberlain doing that. He pumps his fist after strikeouts even if his era is 5.00 that game so...he is a point up type guy.

  5. Gotta keep an eye out for a Joba like that. It'd be a natural for the series.