Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twins Caravan: Tony Strikes Again

The original plan was to hit the Twins Fest in Minneapolis next week to get out of town, relax, and see if we could get a few more autos.

Well, when we moved from NC we ended up renting out our place because we couldn't sell it. No big deal, but the heating and air unit crapped out in mid-December. A lot of cash, all on credit. Then, maybe two weeks ago, one of our dogs got sick. I'll spare you the details, but by sick I mean "sick as a dog." Getting her taken care of (she's fine now) took the last of the cash on hand.

So no Twins Fest. Which kind of stunk because Daddy D had taken it upon himself to find me this card, Tony Oliva's first where he's by himself:

But that card is signed. Well, since the Twins are after a regional presence they have a Winter Caravan with different circuits from here to Montana. And, believe it or not, Tony was on our leg, as were Nick Blackburn, Matt Guerrier, and TC Bear. (No offense to TC or the Twins, but "TC" is begging to have an "H" put in the middle, at which point hippies start following the Twins around all summer and having drum circles and selling grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot before games)

Compa got her Tony fix and got him to put a great sign on this '65. I even got a picture of her giving it to him. No offer of mini donuts this time, so hopefully things are settling down on that front.

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!