Friday, January 8, 2010

CC Highlights: 2009 Topps Unique Insert

Topps Unique has taken a lot of heat from folks around, and deservedly so. The CC base card is a bit on the ridiculous side. However, this insert subset card is great.

Negro League throwback uniform from the Jacksonville Redcaps. For me, what makes the card great is the shot of the other player (second baseman?) in the background. Topps seems to be going for some kind of "baseball cards from the future" feel for this set, but including a bit more context for the image of CC in the foreground solidifies the nostalgic impulse of the throwback unis. The contrast between CC (full color) and the anonymous player (b & w) is really nice, and the fuzziness of the other guy recalls older photos of ball players we've all seen.

For comparison's sake, here's the base card:

It's funny and has its charm, but the photo is overrun by the design. Moreover, for a guy best known for making a game-saving catch in the 2009 AS game who should have won a Gold Glove this year, this card makes CC look like, to borrow a phrase used to criticize Yogi Berra's play in the OF, "a man putting up a pup tent in a high wind." Not good.

Have a good one and good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. I got a few Unique cards in a trade recently... I had heard they were really pricey, but they dont look it. I still need the CC should you get a spare... That top card is AWESOME!!!! I saw them wear the Red Caps unis once at the Trop a few years back, but I was an idiot and didn't have my camera...Hey, did you ever try that address I sent you for Pumpsie?

  2. I'm a big fan of offbeat unis and that is a very cool insert set. Thanks for the introduction to it.

  3. @Troll---I have an extra Unique CC for you (the second one---ugh) that I grabbed when I bought these. I'll get it to you! Haven't written Pumpsie yet. Now that the holidays are behind us it's on my list of things to do!