Friday, January 8, 2010

The Unexpected Package: Jack Brohamer (The Nail in My '76 set!)

I sent Night Owl a few random Dodgers a while back. It wasn't a trade, just some cards I had laying around that needed a better home.

Not only did he send something back, he sent an entire stack of really great stuff. And in the middle:

Oh yes, people, it is:

In all it's airbrushed, radioactive-looking glory, the 1976 Jack Brohamer traded. The VERY last card I needed to complete this set. That makes TWO sets ('76 and '86) I've completed since I started the blog. Major shout out to the NO, as well as everyone who's helped me along with those. Many, many thanks. to all of you. Contest to celebrate coming soon (as soon as I think of something)


  1. Let me be the first to say congrats to ya! I was working on that set for a while, I had all of the Hall players, but I just couldn't fill the commons, they I traded away all of the Hall players and got a big box of commons. Go figure. Either way, congrats to ya! Oh, thanks for the Unique too! I have some stuff for ya, I just need to get it all together.

  2. The question is: would I have done the same thing if the last card you needed was Hank Aaron?

  3. Thanks Troll!

    NO--that's an interesting question. Hmmm.