Friday, July 10, 2009

1976 Topps Goes Greek

I've been pretty negligent about keeping up with posting more of the great cards from the '76 Topps set, like the #98 Dennis Eckersley RC. It would be easy to favor this card because it's the RC of the first "closer" but I'm not too partial to Eck, and I honestly can't stand the man who made him the A's mulleted 9th inning madman, Tony LaRussa.

Rather, I love the font on the jersey and have no idea why the Indians would have ever gone away from it. It's the same one you see on the awning of every Greek restaurant in the world. For all we know he's pitching for Athens, as if the Indians have understood your need for retro and nostalgia and raised the stakes. "Cleveland, the original team of Western civilization." Of course, the idea that the "Indians" would sport a font with those kind of associations is an unending fount of irony. Makes me wish the Eck had taken the mound, in all his mulleted glory, for the Clevelanders against the Fighting Whites. Oh man, talk about vertigo.

Here is the definitive post in the '76 Eck at Project Baseball 1976.

And here is where you can get your official Fighting Whites gear.

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  1. nice. I still need him....

    oh, btw, I just came into possesion of another Mr Blue. A rather 3D'ish variety...