Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As American as Baseball Pie

Scott Eyre has eaten many a baseball pie since this photo was taken.

I have to thank Dinged Corners once again for trading this spectacular card to me. Eyre sports the togs of the Charleston Rainbows, the minor league team of my childhood. He's in College Park, a place that can only be described as a Bull Durham-like minor league dive with decrepit wood bleachers and all the decaying amenities typical of such environs. The city replaced College Park a while back with a new, family friendly Camden Yards-style park, which is nice, but it has nothing of the nickel beer night charm of a place like College Park.  

All of which leads to me saying that my folks are in town at the moment, which means posting will be infrequent for the next week or so. We'll be going to the Maris Museum in Fargo, and a game in Minn. on the 4th (!), so it'll be full of baseball.

Cy is going out today, as well as a package or two I've been unable to send out. Peace, and have a great fourth!


  1. Are the nickle beers to blame or the extra helpings of baseball pie for him getting fat? I've never seen a picture of him that skinny before. He's still one of the funniest players in the game today. Not the best pitcher, but funny.