Monday, July 13, 2009

Keith Comstock and the Unbreakable Record

Today I was going to post about how tonight there is no baseball, and how that's depressing, and how Bud Selig is the devil with his transparent "This time it counts" All-Star game that, with guys like Tim "I'm the first 4.00+ ERA All-Star in History" Wakefield on the roster, will never even be an exceptional exhibition, and how insane it is that people are still using stats like wins/losses to show how effective a given pitcher is.

But then I got home and between comments on the blog and emails there were several folks interested in helping me with the '86 Topps set. It's the little things, and that really made an otherwise gloomy, baseball-less day great.

So I bring you the tale of Keith Comstock, whose record of two error cards in four years is as unlikely to be broken as Johnny Vander Meer's record of two consecutive no-hitters. His mustache is second only to that of Rollie Fingers, whose handle bars live an infamy and still are good for giggles now and then even.

First up: 1988 Topps.
I know, I know, as error cards go these are pretty tame. The color of the lettering is different. Hooray! But then, the 1991 Comstocks:
Oh yes, this is a great looking card on its own, but check out Comstock pitching for the Cubs! The color scheme works even better than the Mariners card. Nice piece of serendipity there.

And once again, thanks to everyone who's offering to help with the '86 Topps. I'll keep the list updated as folks tell me what they have!

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  1. You know, in all my years of searching, I have never seen a corrected version of the 1991 Comstock card. Maybe I should cave in and buy a factory set...


    JayBee Anama