Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1959 Dale Long: WWFS?

As in, "What would Freud say?" The card is so comically phallic as to tend to self-conscious parody, I mean the guy's last name is "Long" and that's some of the strangest, most awkward bat positioning I've ever seen coupled with a camera angle that emphasizes Long's, err, bat.
You might have caught this over the NIght Owl's or in the NYT recently, but Long is one of three (!) left-handers that have logged a MLB game at catcher in the past, oh, 100 years or so. Both Daddy D and compa are left-handers, and to hear him tell it they should be a protected group of people under the law. He's full of trivia about "great left-handers" and killed me with a question about who the 3 left-handed catchers were.

It's funny, because that bit of info even made it on to the back of Long's '59.
But check it out: he's catching right-handed and there's no mention of why he was catching or had to use a 1B mitt in the first place. Poor left-handers---even when they do something os trivially historical significance the rest of us overlook their left-handedness.

Have a great weekend and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Dude, I was going through my '59s this weekend and i found that one, I showed it to the wifey and we had a good laugh... Glad I'm not the only one who got the connection. Great post, funny stuff!

  2. There was a big study in 1980 that found left handed people have a life expectancy nine years shorter than right handed people.

    It was later proven to be a faulty study. So they even got the lefty life span wrong.

  3. Left-handers SHOULD be protected under the law! Great idea by Daddy D and compa.

  4. This is kind of like those Disney animators who years ago would would put obscure things in the film that you can only catch now by playing it very slowly except with this card it is kind of right out in the open.

    I am married to a left-hander.

    She ain't bad.