Sunday, December 20, 2009

CC HIghlights: 2009 Topps UDH from Play at the Plate

I have seen this card on the ebay and various blogs, and I have absolutely coveted it. Something along the lines of "CC in triumph over the world." What's not to love about this card? We've got CC holding the MVP trophy aloft after his amazing catch. Again, how did this gentleman NOT win a GG this year?

And the card is very real time given that this was from this year's AS game. Adding to that is the grounds crew in the background, and when was the last time the grounds crew made it into a card? You wonder if those guys have stacks of these cards somewhere and will break them out at this year's Christmas parties. Gives the card a very informal , spur-of-the-moment feel. And have you ever seen a guy smile like that? CC is STOKED, and it shows. Great photo, great card, great moment.

We also get the full story on the back, which is another great touch:

I have a package from Play at the Plate to thank. Also included were another CC for the collection, as well as a number of UD documentary cards. Very, very cool, and much appreciated. A package is in the offing in exchange.

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  1. Dang. I've never seen that card before. That's a card people will look at 20 years from now and want to know more about.