Friday, December 18, 2009

Pete Rose and Done

After 23 years and significant help from those in the blogging community I have completed the '86 Topps set. Friday afternoon the compa gave me a $5 budget at the local card shop (I went over by $3) and came across #741, the Pete Rose MGR card and the last one I needed to complete the set.

I dig the bowl cut and I dig the smile. It's a real tragedy what's happened to him since. Given the current state of the game I don't think anyone could make an argument for why Charlie Hustle doesn't belong in the HOF. I also like how in this card he's in the dugout, off the field, visibly in the role of MGR.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with the '86. Now I'm only 1 card away from the '76.

Have a good one and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. It's a real bummer about the whole gambling/lying/banishment thing. Unfortunately many people will remember Pete more for those things than for what he did on the field. Pete will probably have the same HOF fate as Leo Durocher--they'll elect him after he dies. :(

  2. Congrats. I completed the '86 set about a year ago. And you're a lot closer to finishing off the '76 set than I am.

  3. Congrats! Every time I go to my shop I have to fight a very serious urge to put together the '87 set. $10 a box, so it wouldn't cost a TON to do it, and it might be fun. I'd just start from scratch since I'm not totally sure what happened to all of the 87s I used to have and it's not worth the cost of shipping from my parent's.