Friday, February 11, 2011

Original Photoshop Distasters: 1973 George Scott

I was sorting through cards for my 1973 set and this one jumped out at me for all the right reasons.

At first glance we've got a solid horizontal action shot of George "Boomer" Scott, colorful who had a 14-year career, mostly with the Sawx and Brewers. That's the speedy Bert Campaneris sliding into first during a season in which he stole 52 bases, so he's obviously the kind of guy you'd want to keep honest. 

But step back for a second. Do you notice that weird halo around the two players where their figures overlap with the stands behind them? And check out the foul line in relation to the stands. This IS a shot of action at 1B, but the stands appear to intersect the foul line about seven feet beyond the frame of the card. And THEN the stands themselves: the yellow paint on top of the railing would make this the OF, right? For that matter, proportionally those stands at that distance would seem to make Scott and Campaneris about 15 feet tall. 

Who thought altering a photo like that was a GOOD idea? And what was so BAD about the original shot to warrant all that work? At any rate it's pretty good for a laugh 30+ years later.

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. I wrote about this card awhile back. Another tip-off is the fans are all looking away from the play at first.