Friday, June 5, 2009

1976 Topps Awesomeness

I went through the near-complete '76 set last night to pull out some highlights. Once I get the owner's permission, I'll link these to their respective companions at Project Baseball 1976, which has great bios and other info. For the moment, enjoy.

First up is this Tom Seaver, at #4. Tom looks pretty angry, like he's in counseling for it angry, and this is heightened by the 1970's fuzzy Topps photography. What really does it is the horribly airbrushed helmet floating in the foreground. I mean, have you ever seen anything like it?
Next to the plate: Tito Fuentes. It's a Spring Training shot, but this guy needs to be made a fashion icon. Notice the headband? The headband even matches the team colors. Simply amazing.

Third in the order:  #18 Dale Murray and #83 Jim Spencer. They are both Spring Training shots (there are WAY too  many of those in this set), but the backgrounds are cool. You can see the adds on the outfield wall behind Murray like he's a time traveller from the 1950's. And Spencer, this thing has a very last minute feel to it. I mean, why take the photo for a Rangers' player at a Royals' ballpark. See the 70's scoreboard things in the back?

Up next are Sal Bando and Lou Brock, but they will have to wait. Have a good one. Peace!


  1. Regarding Jim Spencer, not unusual to have ball card photo taken during a road game. In the early 1970's a large number of photos were taken at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park. I guess the photographer here wanted some good barbecue....

  2. Good to know! I wonder how many cards are out there like this one, where the park in the photo is demonstrably NOT that player's home park. He's practically wearing the crown on he scoreboard. And like you said, I also wonder how many photographers went to "more desirable" locales on assignment as opposed to others.

  3. I love this set... i may never finish it, but I love it.