Thursday, June 18, 2009

Larry Doby

As baseball cards go, it's tough to beat Bowman from 1950-52. Bowman Hertiage doesn't come close to the real thing (exception being the '51 imitation). At right is a 1951 Bowman Larry Doby I managed to score for $13. I bring that up because, at a card show in March, I was with the guy from Noburu Aota (site on Japanese baseball and cards) when he scored one for $7. Yep, single digits for this beautiful card of a HOFer.

There are tons of sites out there that have Doby's bio, so I won't go into that (wikiHOF). Here's an SI article on the importance of recognizing the impact and importance of those players who followed directly in Jackie Robinson's footsteps. As stoked as I was to score my '51 Bowman Doby, I am a bit disappointed that I never had the chance to meet the man on the card. 

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