Thursday, June 18, 2009

Autographed Vintage?

CCC will be on a brief hiatus this weekend as my spouse declared that, for our anniversary, we should go to the Twins game this Friday (she is actually a baseball fan, so this is more a good idea than sacrifice on her part). To sweeten the deal, we scored tickets to the Twins autograph party on Saturday. Which brings me to a good dilemma to have: what do you ask people to sign? I'm going Heritage with current players, but that leaves me without anything for the older guys.

There have been several cool posts recently where folks have designed their own cards to have autoed, but I'm simply not that talented with the computer, and won't even try. So, I'm going to have them sign some vintage. My 1973 Rod Carew won out over my 1972 (open to hearing others' opinions on that one, it was tough to decide), and I picked up the '68 Killebrew All-Star at the card shop ($8, but it was in hand). So, what do the rest of you think about having players sign older cards? 
Has anyone else done it? 

I'll let you know how things turn out.


  1. i'll be there too! i am bringing 78 topps where i can, which is pretty much just carew and castino. i have a 73 killer, but may go with my 62 in action. we'll see. i'm digging through my dodgers for a decent coomer.

  2. I say go vintage with the older players all the way. I've had a couple vintage signed TTM. I've been pleased with the results. It's a little different than seeing the certified autos that are in the newer sets. Those are getting to be a dime a dozen anymore.

  3. Good luck Saturday gcrl! I've never been to one of these things before, and it sounds awesome!

    Nice to know other people have done/are doing this. Glad to hear you've had good results with it gritz, and I agree with you, the cert autos get repetitive after a while, if only because they try to top themselves every year. It'll be cool to see how these turn out.

  4. Getting vintage cards signed...that sounds like a completely excellent post topic.