Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trading Post

First, don't forget the Great Cy Seymour T206 giveaway.

Second, today I scored a massive who's who of late-80's  prospects and stars at a rummage sale. 35 Greg Vaughn RC's! Twenty 1987 Topps laminate Mike Greenwells! If anyone needs anything, I'll see if it's there.

But this post is about the very cool cards I recently received.

First up, 1973 Topps set needs from the Night Owl. I want to finish posting about the '76 set before I get into the magnificence that is the '73, but I thought I'd throw out these highlights from what Night Owl sent.

#116 Yankees Field Leaders featuring Ralph Houk, Jim Hegan, Elston Howard, Dick Howser, and Jim Turner. I love the coaches cards from this set, and it gives a chance to trace managing lineages over the years. Dick Howser passed away way too soon, and his thirty-six year old self here looks like he could be Ralph Houk's kid.

And then #510 Amos Otis. The photo is everything I love about the standard cards in this set, fuzzy, dramatic, awesome, so I'll let it stand alone.

Saints of the Cheap Seats sent over some really great Crawford cards. They are all smooth (especially the Heritage Jersey!) but I'll only throw out a few.

The Goudeys! My favorite thing about these is that, for Neo-vintage, they're not trying too hard (hello Topps 2009 Heritage). I mean, I'm not aware of any vintage Goudey with funky art deco type things going on in the background. It's Goudey, but it's moving forward. Nice! (and one is the red ink parallel)

Then we have the UD Masterpieces Card. I've never seen one of these up close. NOW I see what the big deal was about.

And last, a card that is definitely one of my favorite all-time Crawfords. I like the Turkey Red cards but let's face it, they are real repetitive. This card, however, is a checklist, and it is stunning. Are there any other action shots in TR? Man, if they are all like this they are must haves.

Thanks again gents!

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