Sunday, June 14, 2009

2002 Topps Heritage Sps for Trade

I have tons of doubles from the base set and a few other Sps I will add later. 

365 Paul Konerko, White Sox
367 Nick Bierbrodt, Rays
369 Jorge Padilla, Phillies
372 Alex Cora, Dodgers
376 Jason LaRue, Reds
383 Ramon Ortiz, Angels
387 Juan Pena, Red Sox
388 Michael Barrett, Expos
392 Juan Tolentino, Angels
396 Earl Snyder, Mets
398 Jason Schmidt
400 Nick Green, Angels
410 Joel Pineiro, Mariners
411 Alexis Gomez, Royals
414 Milton Bradley, Indians
416 Kaz Sasaki, Mariners
418 Josh Pearce, Cardinals
421 Joe Kennedy, Rays
422 Jason Maule, Astros
427 Freddy Garcia, Mariners
428 Herbert Perry, Rangers
430 Sandy Alomar, Jr., White Sox
432 Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Mets
434 Robert Fick, Tigers
436 Jose Mesa, Phillies
437 Scott Spiezio, Angels
439 Jose Acevedo, Reds
441 Barry Zito, A's
442 Luis Maza, Twins
444 A.J. Burnett, Marlins
445 Dee Brown, Royals


  1. I'm not sure if the above list means you have extras of the 2002 Heritage #376 and #439 or not. If you do, and might be interested in selling them, please let me know. If so, I have a small handful of other Reds Heritage SPs that I am looking for as well (just in case). Thanks!


  2. Hey Darrell, yep those are extras. Email me at crawfordcards(at) and we'll work something out!