Friday, January 22, 2010

Stitch n' Bip: Sewingmachine Guy Gets Me Between the Eyes

Been a rough couple of weeks here. I've done a trade here and there, but wasn't expecting one of the packages that made its way to the door.

"Cool," I thought.

I cracked it open, and the note said I'd been Bipped. To the tune of 10 (!) of these bad boys.

Honestly it's not the CCs that get me, it's the ##%#%%$ Capt'n Intangibles discursively taking credit for what's on the back:

If I wanted a card with $%^$%#'s mug on it I'd buy one, darn it!!!!! Why's he on here!? This card for that very reason is the stuff of nightmares. And now I have ten of them.

Being philosophical about things, however, the coolest part of the package was that the bipper had his own calling card:

That's some serious Mafia-style bipping right there. Like the ace of spades over some dude's eyelids. If a sewing machine turns up in package you receive, you know what's coming.

Which gave me an idea. And notice, although I said I was Bipped with 10 Goudey CCs I only posted 8. The first one has already hit its mark. The second, he's out there. And I've got a foot tall stack of late 80's duplicates waiting to hit the mail.